At Focus Infocom, we respect your privacy. Therefore, we do not use Google Analytics or other Google tracking tools or social widgets. However, this website does use cookies to ensure the functionality of our services and to collect some statistical data on our visitors to improve our website and its contents. Some cookies are necessary to ensure proper functioning of our website. Others you can disable here. In the following we describe the cookies we use on our site.

Login data

Certain areas of our website might require a login. We use cookies for login details to provide a safe login process and to improve your experience. If you have deactivated cookies in your browser, the website might not work as intended and you will not be able to log in. Please activate cookies for this site to be able to use all our services.

Website tracking with Piwik

To improve our website and to collect statistical data about our users, we use the open source tool Piwik. This tool anonymizes your data before it is saved. Piwik uses so called cookies, small text files that are saved on your computer, to create usage statistics. If your browser supports the "Do-not-track"-technology and you have activated it, your visit will not be tracked.

The information generated by the cookie is saved on our own servers and is not made available to third parties. Your IP is anonymized immediately, so that you remain anonymous. Therefore, we have no knowledge whatsoever about individual users or their computers.

By using this website, you explicitly agree to our use of cookies and the processing of the data aquired by these cookies as described in this privacy statement.

Piwik Opt-Out

If you want to opt out of Piwik tracking, you can do so here. Please be aware that this sets an opt-out cookie on your computer. As soon as you delete all cookies on your computer, you need to repeat your opt-out.

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