The Powerful Autonomous Solution

Focus Infocom´s ACT series of autonomous drive test systems provide 24-hour network monitoring all year round. The highly robust probes can be placed in taxis or trains or used indoor, while being remote controlled from a single server.

The ACT series supports single, group or fleet operation, delivering continuous data collection and secure transfer, for any number and size of networks.

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  • Autonomous

    Self-testing, self-configuration and a versatile power management make ACT systems live up to their name: a truly reliable autonomous solution.

  • Rugged

    The robust ACT units are designed for operation in extreme conditions: shock resistant, humidity resistant and operable at a wide temperature range.

  • Compact

    With their compact casing, the ACT units can be placed almost anywhere: in trains and taxis as well as in-building.

  • Programmable

    ACT series systems can be remote controlled over the air. A powerful scripting language allows programming any type of test case scenario from a central FleetManager.

  • Secure

    Sophisticated security features guarantee safe data transmission in any situation. There are also multiple ways to integrate ACT into existing data and post processing infrastructures without sacrificing security.

  • Approved

    The ACT series complies with international industry standards and directives. The ACT Boxes series 7 have passed numerous compliance tests which certify them for installation and use in trains.