ACT Compact

Autonomous Test System with LTE Smartphones and support for speech evaluation

ACT Compact units are equipped with an Android smartphone and an embedded full-featured compact PC.

ACT Compact offers both speech and data evalution including Qualcomm trace measurement data in a compact housing. Therefore, they are the ideal solution when you are looking for an autonomous solution that offers maximum flexibility in a mimimal case.

New! Get ahead of the competition with Focus Infocom’s new SAM technology. SAM lets you control almost any smartphone-app for service tests. Read more about SAM.

  • Autonomous

    Combines smartphone-based measurement with all the advantages of autonomous systems: self-testing, self-configuration and versatile power management.

  • Speech & Data

    ACT Compact supports both speech (PESQ/POLQA) and data evalution including full Qualcomm trace and IPTrace measurement data.

  • Fast

    Each ACT Compact unit is equipped with an Android LTE smartphone and an embedded PC. This configuration allows extensive measurement without affecting the phone's performance.

  • Air-Interface

    ACT Compact is controlled and transfers data via a secured air-interface.

  • Managed

    ACT Compact boxes are remote controlled via a central FleetManager. They can be combined with any other ACT series boxes.

  • Ultracompact

    ACT Compact comes in a robust compact metal housing that is very flexible to use.