ACT Dual

Autonomous Measurement with Smartphone and Modem

ACT Dual adds a new high-end model to Focus Infocom's line of autonomous measurement systems. ACT Dual integrates both datastick/modem-based and smartphone-based measurement into one system. The new architecture allows you to switch between using a smartphone to get a maximum of customer perspective and enable speech evaluation, or using a modem to test network performance under stress conditions. ACT Dual with two smartphones also offers speech server functionality.

ACT Dual boxes come equipped with a state-of-the-art Android™ smartphone plus a data stick or modem. ACT Dual support all standard data and voice service tests including speech evaluation based on the PESQ and POLQA standards.

New! Get ahead of the competition with Focus Infocom’s new SAM technology. SAM lets you control almost any smartphone-app for service tests. Read more about SAM.

  • Autonomous

    ACT Dual shares all the powerful autonomous features of its family members: self-testing, self-configuration and a versatile power management, making it one of the most reliable measurement solutions.

  • Modes

    ACT Dual is packed with both a smartphone and a datastick or modem giving you maximum variability for your measurement setup in just one box.

  • Automated

    ACT Dual boxes run fully automatically, from collecting data to integration of that data into your post processing infrastructure from field to analysis results.

  • Real Time

    The autonomous ACT Dual boxes deliver near real time monitoring of all units in a fleet. Moreover, all fleets can be managed by a single central Fleet Manager.

  • Unattended

    Autonomous boxes run completely unattended all year round. They can be installed in all kinds of vehicles (e.g. trains or taxis) and deliver a continous stream of measurement data.

  • Robust

    ACT Dual units are designed to run reliably in adverse conditions; they can be operated within an extended temperature range, are resistent to shocks and vibrations and to humidity.