ACT Light

Autonomous Coverage Testing goes Smartphone

Budget solution equipped with one smartphone.

The ideal choice for users who need a robust watchdog-driven smartphone system but don't require in-depth measurement data. These very compact and lightweight boxes can be operated in both mobile and stationary mode.

New! Get ahead of the competition with Focus Infocom’s new SAM technology. SAM lets you control almost any smartphone-app for service tests. Read more about SAM.

  • Economical

    ACT Light boxes are the economical way to ensure autonomous long-term network testing and benchmarking while offering full integration into the complete XGMA and FIMAS tool chain.

  • Customer Perspective

    Using today´s smartphones, the ACT Light series offers a truly customer centered testing environment covering all the services smartphone owners use.

  • Centralized

    ACT Light boxes are remote controlled via a central FleetManager. Of course, you can combine them with all other Focus Infocom ACT boxes.

  • Lightweight

    With their ultra-light and compact casing, the ACT Light units find place in even the smallest of spaces.