New Generation Autonomous Benchmarking

Focus Infocom's new generation of autonomous benchmarking systems combines proven technologies with new concepts. The new systems are characterized by a highly scalable architecture and support smartphones of the latest generation. A distinguishing feature is Focus Infocom’s unique SAM technology that allows you to collect measurement data from all kinds of smartphone apps. Together with the data from standard service tests, these systems provide you with a maximum of user perspective in mobile radio network benchmarking.

  • High Scalability

    Since each device is completely independent, the NGBB system architecture features unlimited scalability for every measurement need.

  • New Devices

    Our autonomous benchmarking solution has support for the latest generation of Qualcomm-trace capable smartphone devices for low level data collection.

  • SAM for Apps

    ACT boxes feature SAM, Focus Infocom’s innovative Smart App Manager that allows creating service tests for smartphone apps (social networks, news, video players, messaging, VoIP etc.).

  • Central Management

    ACT systems feature a sophisticated “software as a service” FleetManager based on SQL to centrally control multiple fleets over the air, while ensuring high system security.

  • Numerous Services

    All ACT boxes models support numerous web services from telephony over web browsing to Youtube by default or optionally. Additional service test options are available on request.

  • Internal Antennas

    The new generation of autonomous systems uses the internal smartphone antennas, allowing for a compact architecture, reduced cost and maximum user perspective.

  • All Major Networks

    ACT boxes support data and voice service tests of all major network technologies: GSM, GPRS, EDGE, UMTS, HSPA+, LTE™, LTE-A Carrier Aggregation.

  • 16x SIM Switcher

    The 16x SIM switcher allows you to either switch between SIMS from multiple providers or between SIMs with limited data volumes, thus highly increasing your measurement data volume.