The flexible solution for smartphone-based benchmark tests

Today, smartphones drive the massive expansion of mobile internet usage. Focus Infocom supplies a whole new series of Android™ smartphone-based test systems that help network operators meet customer expectations and deliver system availability and service performance.

New! Get ahead of the competition with Focus Infocom’s new SAM technology. SAM lets you control almost any smartphone-app for service tests. Read more about SAM.

  • Tailored

    XGMA SP can be used as a single-device system as well as for multi-device benchmarking or load generation.

  • Up-to-date

    XGMA SP features all the latest test cases from web browsing to YouTube and Multi-RAB.

  • Easy

    Thanks to its intuitive user-interface and automatic device detection, XGMA SP is ready to use with just a few clicks.

  • Productive

    A plethora of analysis and visualisation features make XGMA SP the most efficient tool for network troubleshooting and optimisation.

  • All Terrain

    With rack, backpack or handheld versions, XGMA SP is the right equipment for every terrain: in-car, outdoor or in-building.

  • Budgety

    XGMA SP offers an excellent price-performance ratio which complements Focus Infocom's proven long-term commitment and customer-first philosophy.