Optimize your network for iPhone

Since the iPhone is the single most important smartphone on the market, network operators and service technicians need to know how the iPhone performs in their networks.

Focus Infocom's industry first MPSM-i app for iPhone® and iPad is the ideal tool that delivers automated network measurement based on real services tests. Thus, the MPSM-i app allows you to measure network QoS performance from your customers' perspective.

  • Automated

    Other than current measurement solutions for iPhone, you only have to start the app once and let the measurement run automatically for as long as you need to.

  • Customizable

    Since MPSM-i is script-based, you have full control over the services you want to test. You can also define multiple test scripts for different test scenarios. Scripts are available via air interface.

  • Benchmarking

    Install and run MPSM-i on multiple devices simultaneously to compare different provider's performances on iPhone and iPad.

  • Compatible

    MPSM-i works with iPhone and iPad and supports iOS 4.3 or newer.

  • Air Interface

    As soon as a test script is finished, the data is automatically transferred to a central server. If the internet connection is weak, the data files are safely stored on the iPhone until you are ready to upload them.

  • Post Processing

    Data is evaluated using XGMA Analyzer or FIMAS. Each measurement completes your map of location-based transfer rates and allows to compare QoS data from iOS devices with results from other devices or technologies.