Visualize Network Performance right in your hand.

MPSM-a is a smartphone-based measurement system for mobile use, especially suited for network monitoring, optimization and troubleshooting.

MPSM-a can be used as an independent system or as an extension of Focus Infocom's high-performance benchmark solution XGMA Smartphone.

MPSM-a supports most Android-based smartphones for standard QoS measurements. On selected phones, extended measurement data and telephony services are available.

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  • Handheld Operation

    Choose a test script and you are ready for ultramobile handheld measurement. Ideal if you want to troubleshoot problems without carrying huge gear.

  • Post Processing

    The collected data is auto-transferred into XGMA for further analysis and evaluation. You can also export data for post processing with FIMAS or 3rd party software.

  • Visualization

    MPSM-a displays the most important QoS measurement data right on the smartphone, in real time and for many different services.

  • Multiple Services

    MPSM-a supports numerous service tests including web browsing, HTTP and FTP up-/download, and YouTube™ video streaming.

  • Air Interface

    Via the optional air interface data can be transfers automatically via WiFi or a mobile network one a test run is finished.

  • Out of the Box

    MPSM-a runs on numerous Android-based smartphones straight out of the box. With it's straightforward GUI it can be used by virtually anyone without a manual.


Optimize your network for iPhone

MPSM-i is a handheld measurement system for iPhone and iPad. MPSM-i combines ease of use with versatility and provides the full functionality of QoS measurement of the essential web-based services.

MPSM-i is the only tool that makes collecting geographically resolved measurement data fully automated and script-based. MPSM-i data is wirelessly transferred to a central server and can be integrated into Focus Infocom's Post Processing tool chain. The complete process from data collection to analysis and reporting can be fully automated.

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  • Automated

    Other than current measurement solutions for iPhone, you only have to start the app once and let the measurement run automatically for as long as you need to.

  • Customizable

    Since MPSM-i is script-based, you have full control over the services you want to test. You can also define multiple test scripts for different test scenarios. Scripts are available via air interface.

  • Benchmarking

    Install and run MPSM-i on multiple devices simultaneously to compare different provider's performances on iPhone and iPad.

  • Compatible

    MPSM-i works with iPhone and iPad and supports iOS 4.3 or newer.

  • Air Interface

    As soon as a test script is finished, the data is automatically transferred to a central server. If the internet connection is weak, the data files are safely stored on the iPhone until you are ready to upload them.

  • Post Processing

    Data is evaluated using XGMA Analyzer or FIMAS. Each measurement completes your map of location-based transfer rates and allows to compare QoS data from iOS devices with results from other devices or technologies.

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