The Fast Post Processing Tool for Large Data Volumes


Focus Infocom's Post Processing System FIMAS was designed from the ground up with maximum performance and ease of use in mind.

FIMAS is the ideal analysis software for data intensive benchmark measurements or massive amounts of data from fleets of autonomous systems. It is also a sophisticated tool for diagnosis, optimization and reporting, making it one of the most performing and versatile post processing tools available today.

With its open database architecture, FIMAS allows usage of a multitude of powerful front-ends such as TableauTM and easy integration into existing processes and tool chains. 

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  • Open

    With its open, fully documented database structure, FIMAS is easily integrated into existing post processing infrastructures und processes.

  • Scalable

    FIMAS supports standalone or client-server installations as well as Citrix® terminal server and virtualization solutions.

  • Modular

    The FIMAS Evaluation Center provides a unique multi-site capable user-interface to all system components: data import, reporting, map-based geographic analysis and SQL queries. Also, integration of powerful analysis and visualization front ends such as TableauTM is already part of the design.

  • Drill down

    FIMAS seamlessly integrates XGM Analyzer into its drill-down functionality. This provides super-fast drill-down capability with the whole spectrum of XGMA´s sophisticated analytical functions, and eliminates the need to invest in separate tools or training.

  • Visual

    For geographic visualization of your measurement data, FIMAS Evaluation Center supports both Open Street MapsTM and Google MapsTM. Due to its open SQL architecture, direct integration of TableauTM  provides full access to its sophisticated, extremely versatile visualization and data analysis functionality.

  • Informatory

    FIMAS directly integrates Microsoft Excel® and Microsoft SQL Reports® for professional and efficient reporting with no extra training needs. It also interfaces directly with TableauTM to create stand-alone as well as web-based reporting and dashboards. 

  • Cube

    Cube technology allows you to view aggregated data from multiple perspectives and makes ad hoc evaluation of huge amounts of input data fast and efficient.

  • Decisive

    FIMAS provides a reliable data base for successful and future-proof investments in network roll-out and optimization.

XGMA Analyzer

Entry Level Post Processing - and much more


XGMA Analyzer is the universal tool of choice for small to medium amounts of data. It offers a multitude of data analysis functions, from diagnostic in-depth visualization of protocol messages and chip-level or Layer 1 data, to QoS evaluation.


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  • Customize

    Adapt XGMA to your workflow with fully configurable workspaces and layouts. Export, re-use and share them with your colleagues to save time and effort.

  • Visualize

    Thanks to numerous visualizations from fully synchronized Geo and time axis visualizations to multi-level message browsers, it takes just a glance to get all the information you need.

  • Analyze

    Powerful automatic features like frule-based root cause analysis, multi-dimensional transaction analysis and instant overview reports save valuable time, allowing to focus on truly worthwhile diagnostic and optimization tasks.

  • Report

    XGMA offers a large variety of  evaluation functions, including fast local analysis of data produced by measurement tools in the MPSM-a family and other specialized apps.

Focus Infocom is a Member of ETSI and Associate Member in ITU-T SG12

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