SAM, the SmartAppManager

Experience a whole new dimension in mobile network testing
Focus Infocom's innovative Smart App Manager technology (SAM) redefines customer perspective and opens up a whole new world of service tests in mobile network measurement.

Today, internet usage is dominated by app usage while conventional mobile network measurement is either browser-based, or performed on an even more basic level. With SAM, you can follow your customers into their world and monitor how they experience your network by using all the popular apps they use.

What is SAM?

Think of SAM as an electronic remote control for apps. While SAM performs the same actions user do on their smartphones, like sending or receiving a message, uploading or downloading an image, pushing a button etc., these actions are measured to provide a real end-to-end customer perspective.

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What are the benefits?

SAM lets you control any use case of any app (at least we haven't found one we couldn't control yet) and define the KPI you need.

Since the SAM technology includes an end-to-end descriptive language for both test case design and data processing, the data gathered from measurement systems contain instructions how to process it, so that post processing system don't have to be updated when new apps and service tests are added.

SAM can be implemented in most of our measurement systems, so no matter if you need a multi-channel benchmarking system or a single-channel handheld device, SAM is here for your measurement needs.


  • Innovative

    The highly innovative Smart App Manager technology (SAM) redefines what measurement from a customer perspective really means and adds a new dimension to service testing in mobile networks.

  • Integrated

    The new Smart App Manager technology is integrated as an option into all of Focus Infocom's smartphone-based measurement systems.

  • Any App

    While conventional systems are limited to a rather small number of basic services, the Smart App Manager technology allows you to use basically all popular apps for measurement.

  • Co-operative

    SAM supports single-end services (audio/video players, news or social media apps) but also automated or fully controlled B parties for communication apps (multimedia, messaging or VoIP).

  • Multiple Use Cases

    Experience a new freedom of definition – run all use cases the app can support, fully automated, 24/7 if necessary, with a rich set of information for diagnostic and QoS purposes tailored to your needs.

  • Full QoS KPI Freedom

    The SAM technology, combined with our experience and expertise, helps you to define exactly those QoS KPI from the app’s usage which are business critical for your enterprise.

Focus Infocom is a Member of ETSI and Associate Member in ITU-T SG12

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