At Focus Infocom, we strive hard to make sure that our testing technology works in many different networks, environments, and situations. Our regular benchmarks in different countries are best proof of this concept.

This time, we took the chance to test our new SAM features in a walk and drive test situation in Switzerland with standard prepaid SIMs from 3 Swiss providers (Swisscom, Salt, Sunrise). The tariffs and included speeds of the prepaid SIMs differ greatly, so that the results are not and shall not be indicative of top network speed and rather have a scouting character. Nevertheless, these measurements do not only show basic network properties such as coverage and reliability. By using a combination of conventional test cases and SAM-controlled real apps, the tests also provide valuable insights into the relation between raw network performance and QoS from the customer’s perspective.

The test included several modules of drive tests on motorways and country roads as well as exemplary walk tests in inner cities (see route map) with a focus on app testing with Focus Infocom’s SAM technology, in particular Facebook Video Streaming.

Switzerland Test Route 2015

Focus Infocom's innovative Smart App Manager technology (SAM) redefines customer perspective and opens up a whole new world of service tests in mobile network measurement. SAM supports single-end services (audio/video players, news or social media apps) but also automated or fully controlled B parties for communication apps (multimedia, messaging or VoIP).

But that is not all, SAM does more: It also contains a full end-to-end, "programming-free" QoS concept. Based on the proven "Generic Transaction model", it allows for dynamic KPI definitions. This means that QoS evaluation is not "hard-wired" into the processing chain as it is the case in conventional systems; it can be extended and adapted according to requirements with a very short "time to field" cycle.

SAM is available for all of Focus Infocom’s smartphone-based measurement systems: the XGMA SP benchmarking solutions and all autonomous ACT systems.

If you would like to know more about this test: A Whitepaper with details of the tour – although with anonymized operators - is available on request to customers and eligible parties. Pls. contact our sales team.

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