At MWC 2014, Focus Infocom presents its roadmap for 2014 that promises new products and features, and highly innovative new technologies in mobile network measurement. With a clear focus on smartphone-based products, Focus Infocom continues its mission to provide network operators with modern measurement tools which offer them a true customer perspective on their networks.

App Testing

Imagine you could test how arbitrary apps behave in your network?

Popular apps like WhatsApp, Skype or Spotify are no longer like black holes in your network. With Focus Infocom‘s new App Testing Technology you can remote control almost any sort of Android™-based smartphone app and measure their QoS. The new technology can be deployed on any sort of Android device and is fully automated and script-run.


MPSM-i and XGMA VP grow together

While many features like central data upload, central license management and post processing readyness have long been common features of MPSM-i for iOS and XGMA VP for Android, the next evolutionary step will unify them even more to give you the same look and feel on both platforms. The next steps is reflected in the new name for the app family with MPSM-i for iOS and MPSM-a for Android.

Traffic Pattern Designer

More samples, less traffic.

Focus Infocom‘s new „Traffic Pattern Designer“ technology allows you to run virtually any data traffic pattern. This gives you unparalled flexibility as well as ways to achieve measurement goals faster and with less data traffic than in conventional systems.


Focus Infocom‘s Passive Monitoring system grows 19“.

Like all Focus Infocom systems, PNM - the scanner alternative - is a modular system that is easily adaptable to all types of customer requirements - from mobile hardcase solutions to multi-channel, multi-technology 19“ systems. PNM support all network technologies: 2G, 3G, 4G and also PMR like TETRA.

ACT Dual

Three Devices and more flexibility: The new ACT Dual boxes.

The new ACT Dual boxes will feature three devices (two smartphones and one modem) in one box and allow simultaneous operation of two devices. Moreover, the devices can be deployed as a mobile remote station for telephony services in both wideband and narrowband connections.

Managed Services

Managed Service options as individual as your use case.

Focus Infocom‘s flexible Managed Service options offer both active measurement services in co-operation with a measurement service provider, and Post Processing Services for your collected data including reporting or creation of measurement routines.

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