New Drive-Test Solution Combines Modem-Based with Smartphone-Based Benchmarking

XDMTS is Focus Infocom’s new drive-test solution that combines the best of two worlds: the modem-based multi-processor unit provides powerful testing for LTE and HSPA+ networks including dual carrier mode. The smartphone-based unit offers data and voice testing with support for both PESQ and POLQA standards.

The XDMTS system can be enhanced with scanning functionality, optionally using either a full-fledged R&S or PCTEL scanner or a low-budget solution based on trace mobiles.

All components are integrated into a robust 19” housing. Sophisticated recovery functions ensure continuous operation for unattended use. A central processing unit manages test case operation and also provides on the fly analysis and reporting. The new solution allows network operators to identify the limits of their networks while at the same time observing it from a true costumer perspective.

The smartphone unit can be used independently of the rest of the system for maximum flexibility. Put in a backpack, the system is ready for testing in walk or public transport conditions. In addition, individual phones can be detached and operated stand-alone.

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