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Mobile communication networks worldwide are facing tough challenges. With the overall number of mobile devices going strong despite the weak macroeconomic situation, and smartphones accounting for around 26 % of the total market, network operators have to cope with an ever-increasing demand for highspeed bandwith.

With entirely new products and great new features advancing the existing product portfolio, Focus Infocom will continue to empower operators to make their networks fit for the market demand.

The XGMA smartphone-based product range introduced in 2011 will be enriched with additional handsets for scanning, data transfer or comparative WiFi measurement. XGMA Visual Pocket allows users to detach smartphones from the system for independent handheld use, with measurement data being visualized on the smartphone display.

Multi-platform, multi-purpose and massively parallel are the keywords that describe Focus Infocom's new smartphone-based solutions called MPSM. Stay tuned for more information at MWC.

Smartphones are also at the center of the XACT and XDMTS series. Both series will see new configurations combining smartphones and modems for both voice and data measurements. While XACT is designed for autonomous, long-term measurement, XDMTS is the ideal solution for unattended, driver-only tests.

FIMAS, Focus Infocom’s established post processing solution, now features two visual comparison modes, enabling users to compare operators’ performances or before/after data sets in geographical view. Other improvements include support of OpenStreetMaps™, webbased reporting and extensions to the automatic root cause analysis tool, FITA.

Automated device monitoring adds more data safety to autonomous measurement with Focus Infocom’s ACT series. Incoming data will now be checked for unusual behavior and trigger an alarm to warn of potential problems. More flexibility is available with the new local user interface (LUI) which allows users to isolate single boxes and assign them specific tasks. ACT systems will now also fully integrate R&S TSMW® scanners for autonomous use.

New service tests include POLQA (HD) voice quality tests for 3G, 4G and LTE™ networks, Multi-RAB and a new Script Wizard that greatly facilitates scripting service tests by guiding users step-by-step and integrating a script advisor designed to point out potential problems of existing scripts.

With 20 years’ experience, Focus Infocom is a leading manufacturer of test systems for mobile communication networks. Our comprehensive product line covers the whole toolchain of interactive walk/drive test and benchmarking systems, autonomous systems for in-train or taxi operation as well as stand-alone or integrated post processing solutions. We are the first supplier of smartphone-based benchmarking tools. Our focus is on providing the solutions our customers need to offer the best possible service to their subscribers in a highly competitive market. On top of our standard portfolio, we provide custom solutions as well as system rental, service and consulting

Focus Infocom is a Member of ETSI and Associate Member in ITU-T SG12

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