With support for billions of devices, low battery consumption, high building penetration, and low data volumes, the NB-IoT standard combines a set of unique properties that make it the ideal solution for applications that infrequently exchange small quantities of data, i.e. typical Smart Home applications like Smart Metering or industrial applications like goods tracking or waste management.

With Focus Infocoms new line of NB-IoT measurement systems, we help our clients to find the ideal place to install equipment like smart meters, verify the IoT service quality by testing from a real application perspective and to assess the end-to-end performance under field conditions.

Currently, we offer 4 systems types for different use cases:

  • The NBIoT HLD handheld live device is an entry level NB-IoT measurement system consisting of a Smartphone and an NB-IoT device. It shows live measurement data and is therefore the ideal solution for finding the right installation spot.
  • NBIoT HRD: The handheld record device is similar to the live device, but offers additional recording of measurement data over several hours and automated script controlled service test cases.
  • XGMA-N Online is an interactive measurement system that consists of a PC or tablet as control unit and for data display. Data can be viewed live, but also recorded for offline analysis. Optionally, R+S TSME scanners can be used to collect scanner NB-IoT data.
  • With ACT-NBIoT we offer a completely autonomous solution that can be integrated into an existing ACT infrastructure or used standalone. It offers all the advantages of our ACT family for long-term autonomous measurement like self-recovery, robustness, full remote control and updating, central script control and more.

All devices are also available as LTE-M1 measurement systems.

For more information, contact us at sales@focus-infocom.de

Focus Infocom is a Member of ETSI and Associate Member in ITU-T SG12

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