Focus Infocom’s smartphone benchmarking system XGMA is now available with Samsung S3 LTE smartphones in addition to the current HTC Desire HD edition. XGMA Smartphone LTE supports Qualcomm® trace data as well as speech evaluation based on PESQ and POLQA standards.

The autonomous product range is also upgraded to support Samsung S2 LTE smartphones. Three versions are available:

The budget ACT Light version with one Samsung S2 LTE smartphone. The ideal choice for users who need a robust watchdog-driven smartphone system system for basic QoS and monitoring but do not rely on in-depth measurement data. ACT Light comes in a very compact housing that can be placed almost anywhere.

The new ACT Compact version is almost as small as the ACT Light version but includes an additional embedded computer. ACT Compact offers Qualcomm trace measurement data and speech quality evaluation (PESQ and POLQA standards).

The ACT standard version is a multi-channel box that can be operated with smartphones, trace phones and modems in several configurations.

Other Focus Infocom systems like DMTS can also be upgraded to Samsung S2 LTE phones.

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