Today, internet usage is more and more dominated by smartphones. But while internet usage on desktop and notebook computers usually happens in the browser, on smartphones, apps have taken that place.

Therefore, conventional measurement systems fall short when it comes to measuring service tests on smartphones. With SAM however, almost any app is within the reach of field engineers and measurement technicians. And what is more, they are completely free to select the use-cases they want to test in an app, and to define the QoS KPI that are critical for their business.

An example: The Facebook app offers several use cases, e.g. photo upload or messaging. With SAM, it is now possible to select any such use-case, let’s say photo upload to an image gallery, and define the required QoS KPIs, e.g: success and failure rates, time for the whole session etc.

SAM supports single-end services (audio/video players, news or social media apps) but also automated or fully controlled B parties for communication apps (multimedia, messaging or VoIP).

SAM is available for all of Focus Infocom’s smartphone-based measurement systems: the XGMA SP benchmarking solutions and all autonomous ACT systems.

With its new technology, SAM redefines customer perspective in smartphone-based measurement systems and adds a new dimension to service testing in mobile networks.

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