Focus Infocom introduced MPSM-i, the first mobile measurement solution for iPhone, back in 2011. The highly popular app is now available on the App Store.

Like its sister app MPSM-a, MPSM-i is a smartphone based mobile measurement app designed to offer radio network performance monitoring from a true customer perspective on an unlimited number of out-of-the-box devices.

MPSM-i features central administration from a server, automated data upload and flexible license management. Its script based architecture provides real world service testing that is highly customizable and transparent. Script forcing allows organizations to fully control what sort of service tests are executed on individual devices.

Sophisticated algorithms employed in MPSM-i combine data in a way to guarantee high data quality even in mass deployment use cases, thus remedying possible measurement errors due to ignorance or manipulation.

Focus Infocom has broadly enhanced the underlying QoS concept to use QoS KPI based on application level trigger points. This concept allows for mass application on commercial smartphones and allows operators to gain comprehensive insight into how users really experience a network. Moreover, problems can be identified along precise categories.

The completely new approach taken by MPSM-i opens up a whole new range of use cases for smartphone based measurement including market research strategies, SLA validation or customer care support.

MPSM-i is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch running iOS 5.1 and newer.

To download the app on your device, use the link below that will lead you directly to the App Store.

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Focus Infocom is a Member of ETSI and Associate Member in ITU-T SG12

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