Focus Infocom's' groundbreaking direct app control manager SAM now comes with new features that greatly enhance the previously possible scenarios.

In addition to its current capabilities of image transfer and „set status text“ , the Facebook controller is now capable of handling FB video streaming. The WhatsApp controller now comes with upload and download image transfer features that complement the previous texting scenario.

Focus's innovative Smart App Manager technology (SAM) redefines customer perspective and opens up a whole new world of service tests in mobile network measurement. SAM supports single-end services (audio/video players, news or social media apps) but also automated or fully controlled B parties for communication apps (multimedia, messaging or VoIP).

But that is not all, SAM does more: It also contains a full end-to-end, "programming-free" QoS concept. Based on the proven "Generic Transaction model", it allows for dynamic KPI definitions. This means that QoS evaluation is not "hard-wired" into the processing chain as it is the case in conventional systems; it can be extended and adapted according to requirements with a very short "time to field" cycle.

SAM is available for all of Focus Infocom’s smartphone-based measurement systems: the XGMA SP benchmarking solutions and all autonomous ACT systems.

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