UDP-based performance measurements promise advantages in certain situations: higher reproducibility (or a shorter time for a stable measurement) and reduced sensitivity of results to parallel traffic. While UDP-based performance testing has been a part of Focus Infocom’s portfolio for many years, we mainly implemented it in modem-based systems because of limited demand. 
To serve the increasing demand for smartphone-based measurements, Focus Infocom now offers UDP-based testing in all of its product families: the ACT family of autonomous measurement systems, the XGMA SP family of benchmarking systems, and the MPSM family of apps for “out of the box” smartphones. The MPSM apps are suitable for crowd-sourcing and measurement tasks that use existing devices. The UDP testing module extends the functionality of many test- and measurement tasks from network optimization with deep data analysis via benchmarking, to using massively parallel devices, for example in over-the-air load generation.

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