Decisions with significant economic consequences require a solid information base. The railway measurement project presented in this document shows how economic questions can be translated into measurement and analysis concepts that deliver profound answers to immediate questions, but also provide a solid data base for a more strategic approach.

The methodology used for these measurements and their subsequent evaluation reflects the perspective of a multi-modem system, currently in the planning stages, which will provide wireless LAN in Deutsche Bahn trains. The results show the strengths and weaknesses of individual mobile networks, but also prove that the combination of multiple networks can compensate for the deficiencies of a single network.

Moreover, the data provide important indications for network improvements and crucial hints regarding the quality of experience an end-user can expect. This information can serve as a basis for marketing-related decisions with respect to how services are communicated to customers.

The white paper details the background, planning, implementation, and results of the measurement campaign. If you are interested, send us an email.

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