In April 2020, ITU-T Study Group 12 approved new work items with working names Y.COPI and G.NCAP. Y.COPI defines a set of QoS metrics for QoS of services depending on continuity of packet-data performance, building on the concepts and definitions given in Recommendation G.1034 for spatially resolved metrics. G.NCAP is a framework for capacity assessment of packet data services in mobile networks.

Both metrics provide insights far beyond conventional KPI which only produce a single indicator over a route or region. Spatially resolved metrics allow a far more detailed view on mobile network performance. To name just a few areas of application: Spatially resolved indicators serve mobile network optimization, assessment of fulfilment of regulatory requirements, or fitness for given classes of applications, such as real-time audio-visual communication in the framework of VMNO operations or SLA definitions and enforcement.

The metrics now brought on their way towards standardization now have been developed and implemented by Focus Infocom in the context of our measurement and evaluation tool chains. Contact us to learn more about practical application of these metrics and ways to integrate them into your processes.

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