The range of mobile devices available in the “taxi box” format has been expanded by a new mobile type, the Samsung S21 5G.This form factor, comes with a protective housing which can be directly mounted in cars and which contains all components for fully autonomous operation, including a high-quality GPS subsystem as well as optional multi-slot SIM switchers.

These new systems complement the already-available ACT-SPO (smartphone-only) form factor. All these systems belong to the ACT family, which stands for robust, reliable autonomous operation and a fully automated tool chain including automated reporting and interactive, web-based dashboards.

ACT systems are excellent choices not only for fixed-mounted in-car operation, but also for “unpack-and-measure” type of operation (more on this topic will be released soon; you are also kindly invited to contact us directly to get more information). They make it easy to project mobile network measurement capabilities to virtually anywhere by simple postal or parcel-service delivery to the place of use.

With these systems, network operators as well as national or international measurement-service providers or value-added resellers can run any kind of operating model, from full ownership and control of the entire tool chain to models where infrastructure, data processing, analysis and reporting is provided as managed services by Focus Infocom.

Focus Infocom is a Member of ETSI and Associate Member in ITU-T SG12

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