Projecting high-end mobile network test and measurement to (almost) any place – this is what „mail and measure“ offers. The idea is simple: a pre-configured, robust measurement system is delivered by mail or parcel service to the place where it is needed – or even sent as an installation package for locally sourced mobile devices. Perform some simple, final steps and start to productively measure – with full back-office support of Focus Infocom or a qualified local partner, then send the system back when the work is done or keep it for the next mission.

Measurement data are automatically transferred to the data processing infrastructure, and results are available via browser-based interactive dashboards, as stand-alone dynamic reports using Tableau® Reader compatible files. Of course, we can also create your own format, customized to optimally fit into your existing processes.

If standard QoS metrics or evaluations aren't enough to fulfil your requirements, we can do even more for you. Draw on our own expertise and experience, and that of experts in our partner ecosystem, and get expert advice, support and concrete results.

If you are interested as an end user, or want to be a value-added partner, contact us as and learn more.

Focus Infocom is a Member of ETSI and Associate Member in ITU-T SG12

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