• Mobile Benchmarking

    Focus Infocom's mobile benchmarking portfolio includes solutions for different mobile platforms (Android™ and iOS™). These solutions are available in many different form factors and for all RF technologies.

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  • Post Processing

    All Focus Infocom's mobile solutions transfer measurement data directly to a central server, from where it is ready to be integrated into a fully automated post processing tool chain that allows troubleshooting, analysis, geografical visualization and reporting.

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  • Autonomous Systems

    Smartphone-based mobile measurement the autonomous way allows you to automatically monitor your network on a 24/7 level, including near real time analysis and reporting.

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  • Out of the Box

    Focus Infocom's Android™ benchmarking and handheld solutions - XGMA Smartphone and MPSM-a - work right out of the box with commercial smartphones. For QoS benchmarking and handheld visualization, you are no longer limited to a few basic devices.

  • App-based QoS

    Focus Infocom's innovative Smart App Manager technology (SAM) redefines customer perspective and opens up a new world of service tests in mobile network measurement. See how your custumers experience your network by testing with popular apps like WhatsApp™, Skype® or Spotify™, fully automated and script-controlled.

  • Speech Quality

    Focus Infocom's mobile Android based benchmarking and handheld solutions do not only support data but also telephony and voice quality service tests based on PESQ and POLQA standards.