Focus Infocom offers various Managed Services models that depend on your individual use case. Using our Managed Services options will help you save cost and effort, and gain increased flexibility.

Managed Services Models

Co-operation with measurement service provider

A service and measurement partner operates a fleet of measurement systems in co-operation with Focus Infocom. Focus Infocom provides basic system functionality, system updates and support for system operation.

Post-Processing Services

Our post-processing services are available in two variants:

  1. Your measurement data is uploaded into Focus Infocom's post processing infrastructure and Focus Infocom takes care of post-processing your data and generating reports. Additionally, we can support you with our longstanding experience in the creation of measurement routines. For data collection, you can use your own systems or rental systems provided by Focus Infocom.

  2. We can also install applications such as MPSM on your self-owned devices. Your measurement data is uploaded to Focus Infocom's post processing infrastructure and processed there. Results are provided either in the form of reports or you will get direct access to our systems to create your own reports or perform ad-hoc analyses.

Focus Infocom is a Member of ETSI and Associate Member in ITU-T SG12

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