You have specific requirements, we have individual solutions for every use case

Does your business rely on mobile communication?

We deliver the measurement results you need as a basis for informed business decisions and as a solid foundation for interacting with network providers. In addition to individual campaigns, the data basis can be enhanced with constant monitoring and SLA verification.

Are you a mobile network operator seeking to constantly improve your performance?

In addition to providing tools and services, we work with you to integrate your requirements into our R&D road map, and adapt our products to make them fit seamlessly into your existing structures. You can also count on us for ongoing monitoring, roll out monitoring, and benchmarking.

You are a regulator and your mandate is to provide high-performance networks?

We support you with the necessary tools for efficient, meaningful measurements and with our expertise from ETSI and ITU standardization work.

As a measurement service provider you need reliable, customizable products?

We do everything to help you be maximum efficient: with proven, customizable products that adapt to existing workflows, product rental to cover short term project needs, data processing and more.

We go the extra mile to provide smart measurement solutions for a mobile world

At Focus Infocom, we know the ins and outs of mobile measurement from 25 years of experience in the field. Our expertise is based on numerous projects with worldwide clients including the big players in the international market.

On top of that, we have been involved in international standardization for more than a decade, extending and coining new KPI to cope with the ever-changing technologies in our industry.

Our strong focus on client-specific solutions makes us stand out in the field of mobile measurement. Together with our clients, we find solutions for each and every individual problem or use case.

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Here are some of the things we can do for you


Our team of measurement specialists supports you with consulting services before, during and after a project, translating problems into measurement concepts, getting evaluation right, and beyond.


As a manufacturer of measurement systems, we have the facilities to develop our products according to customer specifications in addition to our standard product line.

Managed Services

With our Managed services offering, all you need to do is define your requirements. We then provide everything from planning to reporting, and deliver the results.


Measurement data from our systems is ready to be fed into existing post processing tools, and our measurement systems can be adapted to seamlessly fit into existing structures.

Measurement campaigns

Together with our measurement partners, we carry out the most challenging measurement campaigns, be it in-train, in-car, or walk tests, all backed up by our longstanding experience.

Reporting and evaluation

The best data is without any practical value without the right evaluation and reporting techniques. We provide tools for data evaluation and visualization, from data input to final management report.

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End-to-end solutions

End-to-end solutions

Focus Infocom is a Member of ETSI and Associate Member in ITU-T SG12

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