Focusing on Mobile Measurement

Smart measurement solutions for a mobile world

At Focus Infocom, we know the ins and outs of mobile measurement from 25 years of experience in the field. Our expertise is based on numerous projects with worldwide clients including the big players in the international market. On top of that, we have been involved in international standardization for more than a decade, extending and coining new KPI to cope with the ever-changing technologies in our industry.

Our strong focus on client-specific solutions makes us stand out in the field of mobile measurement. Together with our clients, we find solutions for each and every individual problem or use case.

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Solutions for Different Stakeholders

Companies whose business relies on mobile communication

For companies who rely on mobile communication networks, we deliver measurement results as a basis for informed business decisions and as a foundation for interacting with network providers.

Mobile Network Operators

We work closely together with Mobile network operators to directly integrate new requirements into our R&D, and adapt our products to seamlessly integrate into existing structures.

Regulatory Authorities

Regulatory Authorities profit from our commitment to standards and our work in standardization, combined with our vast practical experience gathered in more than 25 years of working in the field.

Measurement Service Providers

Focus Infocom helps measurement service providers to be maximum efficient: with custom products, adapting to existing workflows, product rental to cover short term project needs and more.


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End-to-end Solutions

End-to-end solutions