Data Collection & Campaigns

Network performance and quality of experience (QoS) are key factors for promoting customer loyalty. As a basis to effectively evaluate the performance of a network, reliable and meaningful information is crucial. At Focus Infocom, we have the tools and the expertise to provide you with this information.

We offer measurement products for drive testing, walk testing, unattended testing and stationary testing. On top of that, we provide measurement solutions specifically made for in-train testing.

Our measurement tools collect data on the application levels for a true user perspective. Additionally, they can deliver in-depth technical information for diagnostics and thorough understanding of the dynamics between the network and the mobile device.

What sets us apart in the field of mobile network measurement, is our ability to offer customer specific measurement solutions. If you need individual housing types for difficult installation locations like taxi displays, or specific test case types, we will find a solution that exactly fits your needs.



A well designed methodology is key to providing the answers to your questions efficiently. This includes the types of measurement hardware and software to employ as well as the test scenario and its parameters.


Complex measurement campaigns require careful planning. At Focus Infocom, we have the expertise and the partner network to provide the logistics in this field and deliver timely results.


From small to large measurement campaigns – our expertise, our experience and a powerful partner network provide the necessary scalability and performance.

Application Testing

The SAM technology provides a field-tested platform for measuring the performance of smartphone apps from a true customer perspective. This is particularly interesting in the case of OTT services in comparison to native provider technologies.

Post Processing & Reporting

While measurements produce a wealth of information, post processing is what makes this data accessible and yields the answers to your questions. This includes extraction and conversion of raw measurement data into usable metrics, but also means data quality assurance, validation and statistics. At the end of the chain, reports present information in graphics and statistics in just the way users on different levels need it, from technical specialists to high-level decision makers.

Data collected with Focus Infocom's measurement tools can be processed with Focus Infocom's own FIMAS and XGMA analysis tools, or with SQL-capable third party tools like TableauTM or Microsoft Report BuilderTM, giving you the freedom of choice for your specific use cases without locking you in because the whole database structure and report templates are fully documented.

Find out more about our Post Processing Solutions.


Reliable data is a key factor when it comes to making strategic investment decisions. Metrics and reports based on these metrics prepare an informed foundation for moving forward, and serve to monitor the success of these activities.

Focus Infocom's solutions provide a wealth of data and reports on many different levels: from low-level technical metrics to user centric KPI and KQI, including speech evaluation using the POLQA algorithm.


We at Focus Infocom have always been at the forefront when it comes to integrating new and evolving technologies into our tools. We support all current radio access technologies (2G to 5G), Wi-Fi, and special technologies such as GSM-R, IoT and 5G campus networks. And, of course, we are already preparing for next-generation technologies such as FRMCS, Mesh and 6G.



Research, activities in standardization and academic partnerships are the foundation of our expertise. An expertise that is clearly visible every day in our development of reliable, state-of-the-art solutions. These foundations guarantee a maximum level of QoS/QoE data quality and conformity as well as a crucial competitive advantage.

In addition, we maintain partnerships with universities and encourage the research of BA and MA students in the fields of mobile network technologies, QoS and QoE in our company.

With our continuous research in the fields of quality of experience (QoS) and quality of service (QoE), we are ready to respond early to new requirements from our clients and to implement our findings and new technologies into our product portfolio.

We commit our research findings to international standardization bodies (ETSI, ITU), where our experts have been involved for more than a decade, helping to actively shape the next industry standards. We are also an Associate Member of the ITU-T Study Group 12. Based on this background, we are able to counsel and assist our clients with their own standardization efforts.

Furthermore, we haven been working in the ITU-T Focus Group "Digital Fiancial Services", later evolving to the FIGI group ("Financial Inclusion Global Intitiative", carried by ITU-T, the World Bank and the Gates Foundation). Emerging from this work were two international standards on KPI and methodology of DFS QoE and testing, and several reports and other contributions. 

Also, we are actively working with the ITU-T Focus Group "AI4AD", working on standards in the field of behavioural evaluation of autonomous vehicles. As mobile communication - e.g. also with C-ITS and V2X technologies will be an essential component in autonomous driving ecosystems, testing strategies and quality metrics will also be an important field for future development of this sector.    



Continuous development and innovation are an integral part of our sustainability concept. As our clients, you can rest assured that your investments in our state-of-the-art products and services is future-oriented and sustainable.

Time and again we have taken new innovative approaches in the field of mobile network measurement, for example with the development of our SAM technology, that offers a way to measure the performance of smartphone apps and supports Over-the-top (OTT) services like WhatsApp(TM) or Skype(TM), thus giving our clients a competitive advantage. Approaches which are later copied by the competition and finally become mainstream.

But we don’t stop here. We are currently working on new standards in the fields of 5G, IoT, autonomous networks, Augmented and Virtual reality and top-level services like digital financial services. You can also trust in us as your partners for evolving new technologies like C-ITS or, in a broader sense, C2X, fields to which we contribute with our expertise and experience to help drive these technologies to success.

Focus Infocom is a Member of ETSI and Associate Member in ITU-T SG12

ETSI membership ITU Associate