Focus Infocom's handheld solutions for both the Android and iOS platforms offer you maximum flexibility for drive and walk tests in indoor and outdoor situations. Numerous service tests for data and voice applications make them the measurement expert's every day companion for all optimizations tasks. Both tools offer automatic registration, serving of scripts from a central server, and data upload to a server with the possibility to directly integrate all data into your post processing toolchain.

  • MPSM-a

    MPSM-a is a smartphone-based measurement system for mobile use, especially suited for network monitoring, optimization and troubleshooting.

    MPSM-a can be used as an independent system or as an extension of Focus Infocom's high-performance benchmark solution XGMA Smartphone.

    MPSM-a supports most Android-based smartphones for standard QoS measurements. On selected phones, extended measurement data and telephony services are available.

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  • MPSM-i

    MPSM-i is a handheld measurement system for iPhone and iPad. MPSM-i combines ease of use with versatility and provides the full functionality of QoS measurement of the essential web-based services.

    MPSM-i is the only tool that makes collecting geographically resolved measurement data fully automated and script-based. MPSM-i data is wirelessly transferred to a central server and can be integrated into Focus Infocom's Post Processing tool chain. The complete process from data collection to analysis and reporting can be fully automated.

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Focus Infocom is a Member of ETSI and Associate Member in ITU-T SG12

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