Network Performance testing - right in your hand.

MPSM-a is a family of apps designed to run on unmodified "out of the box" Android devices. This product family was developed to cover a wide range of tasks, including passive coverage measurement, active QoS testing, massively-parallel load testing, and "groupsourcing", a progression from crowdsourcing where indiscriminate spread of an "one size must fit all" app is replaced by specialized functionality for defined user groups.

For instance: in the middle of the Corona pandemic, we ran a multi-country testing campaign in the context of the Financial Inclusion Global Initiative (FIGI; an initiative carried by ITU, World Bank and the Gates Foundation). A MPSM-a derivative, named DFS Observer, was used to test mobile network coverage and performance, with a purely over-the-air ready to use installation and fully automated data upload and processing.

Contact us to find out how MPSM-a can serve your purposes.  

  • Tailored

    MPSM-a is available with different user interfaces and tailored functionality - just install the app and start using it.

  • Up-to-date

    MPSM-a supports all the common packet-data based test cases - and beyond.

  • Easy

    Each MPSM-a variant has a user interface tailored for the purpose, easy to use with little room for operating errors.

  • Productive

    MPSM-a covers all types of usage - local or central data handling, and processing in the customer's own data environment or as a service managed by us, with post processing and analysis tailored for the purpose.

  • All Terrain

    MPSM-a covers the whole spectrum of appplications: mobile or stationary, passive monitoring, active QoS testing or load generation, in cellular networks as well as in WiFi environments.

  • Budgety

    MPSM-a offers an excellent price-performance ratio which complements Focus Infocom's proven long-term commitment and customer-first philosophy.

Special Handheld Systems

The right system for every purpose

Based on our proven system platforms, we offer specialized "Handhelds" for every purpose.

Some examples:

- Site Validation tools with special features for functional tests of mobile network sites in the context of upgrades, reconfigurations or swaps

- Testing tools optimized for corporate sites or campus networks, providing measurements of network coverage and performance tests for standard as well as customer-specific use cases

- Rapid-test tools for public WiFi sites, providing one-click testing from the user's perspective, covering access as well as performance. 

Focus Infocom is a Member of ETSI and Associate Member in ITU-T SG12

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