Focus Infocom's ACT Autonomous Coverage Test systems provide 24-hour network monitoring all year round. The highly robust boxes can be placed in taxis or trains or used indoor, while being remote controlled from a single server. The ACT series supports single, group or fleet operation, delivering continuous data collection and secure transfer for any number and size of networks.

  • ACT

    Focus Infocom's standard ACT boxes are proven measurement systems that excel at combining an unrivaled feature portfolio. ACT systems support all radio technologies including GSM-R and TETRA and all Focus Infocom service tests.

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  • ACT Dual

    ACT Dual is equipped with both a modem and a smartphone. Thus, the box can be run in smartphone mode for a maximum of customer perspective and speech evaluation, or with a modem to test network performance under stress conditions.

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  • ACT Benchmarking

    Focus Infocom's new generation of autonomous benchmarking systems combines proven technologies with new concepts. The new systems are characterized by a highly scalable architecture and support smartphones of the latest generation.

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  • ACT Compact

    ACT Compact boxes are equipped with an Android-based smartphone and a dedicated computer. The boxes collect data and voice measurement data including Qualcomm trace in a very compact casing.

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  • ACT Light

    ACT Light is a lightweight autonomous smartphone-based solution. It combines QoS measurement data with all the advantages of an autonomous system.

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Focus Infocom is a Member of ETSI and Associate Member in ITU-T SG12

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