The Powerful Autonomous Solution

Focus Infocom's ACT product line is a family of proven measurement systems that excel at combining an unrivaled feature portfolio. ACT systems support all radio technologies including GSM-R and TETRA and all Focus Infocom service tests.

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  • Autonomous

    Self-testing, self-configuration and a versatile power management make ACT systems live up to their name: a truly reliable autonomous solution.

  • Rugged

    The robust ACT units are designed for operation in extreme conditions: shock resistant, humidity resistant and operable at a wide temperature range.

  • Compact

    With their compact casing, the ACT units can be placed almost anywhere: in trains and taxis as well as in-building.

  • Programmable

    ACT series systems can be remote controlled over the air. A powerful scripting language allows programming any type of test case scenario from a central FleetManager.

  • Secure

    Sophisticated security features guarantee safe data transmission in any situation. There are also multiple ways to integrate ACT into existing data and post processing infrastructures without sacrificing security.

  • Approved

    The ACT series complies with international industry standards and directives. The ACT Boxes series 7 have passed numerous compliance tests which certify them for installation and use in trains.

ACT Dual

The versatile architecture for multi-device systems

The ACT Dual sub-family has an internal architecture which supports multiple devices of different types, including modems, TETRA, GSM-R and iOSTM units. ACT Dual boxes can be used as stand-alone systems or as building blocks within larger systems, e.g. for benchmarking networks or devices against each other.

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  • Autonomous

    ACT Dual systems share all the powerful autonomous features of the ACT family: self-testing, self-configuration and a versatile power management, making it one of the most reliable measurement solutions available today.

  • Versatile

    ACT Dual includes a powerful industry-grade host PC, enabling operation of non-stand alone devices such as modems, or devices with no or limited capabilities for stand-alone testing operation, e.g. TETRA or GSM-R or iOS smartphones.

  • Automated

    ACT Dual boxes run fully automatically, from collecting data to integration of that data into your post processing infrastructure from field to analysis results.

  • Real Time

    Beyond standard ACT operation, the dual-device architecture can also be used to remote-control measurements or obtain measurement data in near real time without compromises.

  • Unattended

    Autonomous boxes run completely unattended all year round. They can be installed in all kinds of vehicles (e.g. trains or taxis) and deliver a continous stream of measurement data.

  • Robust

    ACT Dual units are designed to run reliably in adverse conditions; they can be operated within an extended temperature range, are resistent to shocks and vibrations and to humidity.

ACT Scanner

High-end RF scanners - fully autonomous

ACT Scanner brings high-end scanners, such as the R&S TSME, into the world of autonomous testing. System control and data handling is seamlessly integrated into the ACT FleetManager and FIMAS post-processing architecture, allowing fully automated operation.

Available in various form factors - portable back-pack solutions as well as 19" modules for in-car mounting, each unit contains up to four scanners. A single unit already enables high scan rates, translating to high spatial resolution in motion even when measuring multiple band and network operators simultaneously. For even higher requirements, units can be combined to any desired system size.


ACT Benchmarking

New Generation Autonomous Benchmarking

Focus Infocom's new generation of autonomous benchmarking systems combines proven technologies with new concepts. The new systems are characterized by a highly scalable and modular architecture, to keep systems up to date with latest smartphone generations.

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  • High Scalability

    Because each ACT-Light probe is completely independent, the system architecture features un­limited scalability and options to integrate scanners or IoT devices.

  • New Devices

    Our autonomous benchmarking solution has support for the latest generation of Qualcomm-trace capable smartphone devices for low level data collection.

  • SAM for Apps

    ACT boxes feature SAM, Focus Infocom’s innovative Smart App Manager that allows creating service tests for smartphone apps (social networks, news, video players, messaging, VoIP etc.).

  • Central Management

    ACT systems feature a sophisticated “software as a service” FleetManager to centrally control multiple fleets over the air, while ensuring high system security.

  • Numerous Services

    All ACT boxes models support numerous web services from telephony over web browsing to Youtube by default or optionally. Additional service test options are available on request.

  • Internal Antennas

    The new generation of autonomous systems uses the internal smartphone antennas, allowing for a compact architecture, reduced cost and maximum user perspective.

  • Protecting your investment

    The modular architecture of ACT benchmark ensures that upgrades to new generation of mobile devices, and to new radio access technologies, can be done with low effort and at reasonable cost. Therefore, long-term protection of investment is part of the design.

  • Multi-SIM Switcher

    Multi-SIM switchers (16x as standard, more on request) provide a high degree of flexibility when testing different networks or different tariff variants. Also, multi-SIM switching is useful in increasing available data transfer volumes when testcases require the usage of volume-limited SIMs.


Smartphone Plus X: Even more functionality for autonomous testing

ACT LSP contains a smartphone plus additional hardware for extended power management, SIM switching, industry-grade GPS, optional forced-air cooling and a watchdog sub-system for long-term stand-alone operation. 

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  • Economical

    ACT LSP boxes are the economical way to ensure autonomous long-term network testing and benchmarking while offering full integration into the complete XGMA and FIMAS tool chain.

  • Customer Perspective

    Using today´s smartphones, the ACT LSP series offers a truly customer centric testing environment covering all the services smartphone owners use, while additional hardware extends the smartphone's own capabilities. 

  • Centralized

    ACT LSP boxes are remote controlled via a central FleetManager. Of course, you can combine them with all other Focus Infocom ACT boxes.

  • Lightweight

    With their ultra-light and compact casing, the ACT LSP units find place in even the smallest of spaces.

ACT Rail

24/7 reliable monitoring and testing for in-train operation


ACT Rail is an autonomous measurement system for permanent installation in trains. It has all necessary certifications for operation in trains throughout Europe.

The probes are available in different configurations. With internal antennas, ACT Rail is the ideal tool to measure customer experience for a true QoS view. In connection with in-train mobile network access through repeaters, it also monitors the actual functioning of those repeaters.

Moreover, ACT­ Rail provides the means for data-based strategic decisions about the general way mobile-network connectivity is provided to passengers, e.g. using in-train repeaters or radio-transparent window panes.


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Just a smartphone, yet a fully autonomous measurement system

Autonomous measurement systems are the ideal solution for QoS, performance and diagnostic tests of mobile networks if the scenarios to be tested remain the same over a longer period of time, and measurement data is to be uploaded automatically.

Our ACT SPO systems offer excellent value for money, but also completely new applications for mobile network measurement. They are small and light-weight and can easily be handled by non-expert personnel.

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Focus Infocom is a Member of ETSI and Associate Member in ITU-T SG12

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